Energy Management

Use smart thermostats and lighting to reduce energy usage

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Automating thermostats and lighting controls optimize energy use, mood lighting and scenes brings life to your home. Today's smart thermostats aren't just control panels for your heating and air conditioning. These thermostats are equipped with Wi-Fi, sensors, advanced algorithms and much more. Some features of these devices include: -Using the manual and the energy saving tips that smart thermostats provide to create a schedule with the correct temperature zones to save you money on energy bills -Smart thermostats can "learn" when people are active and when heating/cooling needs to be on, then change their own schedules accordingly -Apps that you download on mobile devices to check the thermostat and make changes while at work or on vacation, create heating/cooling schedules, and provides energy reports about how much power you are using and how your energy use has changed over time - all features that can lead to reduced energy bills! -Using voice controls to make changes to lights and temperature Smart device platforms continue to grow in compatibility. And that means your smart thermostat can link up and exchange information with a growing number of other home devices. Smart lightbulbs, humidifiers and air purifiers, for example, can be controlled with the voice assistant if they are on compatible platforms.

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